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Welcome to St. Timothy's!

A member of the Episcopal Diocese of East Tennessee, the Episcopal Church USA and the Worldwide Anglican Communion. At St. Timothy's, you will encounter:

A joyful diversity of worship styles and spaces
A thriving children's and youth ministry
Lively offerings of weekday and Sunday Christian Education and Formation offerings for all ages
A variety of fellowship opportunities
Compassionate pastoral care
Vital service and outreach to the community

Our warm and welcoming congregation is looking forward to sharing our ministry with you. Join us for worship on Sunday!

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What Episcopalians Believe:

The Episcopal Church in America comes from a tradition, Anglicanism, that marks a middle way between the Reformed Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions. While it continues to use many elements of Catholic liturgy, the Church of England long ago rejected the authority of the pope and of a central authority over the beliefs of worshipers in favor of a questing belief that values reason and tradition as well as Scripture. Archbishop Rowan Williams, the symbolic head of the Anglican Communion, describes the Anglican tradition as a variety of Reformed thinking that may have rejected a pope but was satisfied with a church order grounded in the historic ministry of bishops, priests, and deacons and with the classical early Christian formulations of doctrine about God and Jesus Christ. Today, the sister churches of the Anglican Communion number some eighty million worshipers, many of them in countries south of the equator, where Anglicanism is thriving.

Since its formation following the Revolutionary War, the American Episcopal Church has been tremendously influential; while a relatively small denomination in terms of its worshiping members, more than one-fourth of all American presidents and more than half of all Supreme Court justices and members of congress have been Episcopalian. The Episcopal Church has also been a powerful force among American churches in promoting peace and justice work, at times losing members and donations for its principled stands for the poor and minority populations. Stereotyped as a wealthy and frigid denomination (as, indeed, some Episcopalians are), many Episcopal churches and individual worshipers are nonetheless deeply involved in social justice work, helping the homeless and addicted, contributing to disaster relief, fighting the death penalty, and otherwise seeking a world where privilege will no longer matter.

Men's Book Study 9:30 AM
Women's Book Study 11:00 AM
God's Children Sing 4:00 PM
Choristers 4:00 PM
St. Timothy's Ringers 5:00 PM
Adult Handbell 5:45 PM
Adult Choir 7:00 PM
Zammarin 7:00 PM
Ladies Bible Study 1:00 PM
The Holy Eucharist, Rite I 8:00 AM
Breakfast 8:45 AM
Christian Formation 9:30 AM
The Holy Eucharist, Rite II 10:30 AM
Choristers 4:00 PM
EYC 5:00 PM



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